Why Titanium is the Solution

100% Titanium Tubes & Tubesheets: Titanium is totally unaffected by salt water.

Sizes for Large & Small Engines

Units for 50 hp to 5,000 hp engines

Fishing, Workboats & Tugs

Keep your vessel at sea, making money.

Titanium in Marine Service

There is no better material for salt water service than Titanium. No more corrosion, electrolysis or rust. Your marine heat exchangers will won’t foul and there are no Zinc anodes to maintain.

High Tube Velocity

Soft copper or Cu-Ni tubes must be used with low water flow in order to prevent tube erosion.  Marine fouling begins when the flows are low and this leads to tube plugging and loss of performance.

Bye Bye to Copper-Nickel Exchangers

Copper-Nickel tubes are yesterday’s solution to salt water cooling applications. Copper creates a ‘battery’ when used with carbon steel, and this leads to electrolysis.  Over time, electrolysis leads to steel loss and failure of the Cu-Ni heat exchanger.

As a vessel owner/operator, you know the problems of marine corrosion and electrolysis.

Rust means equipment replacement is just a matter of time. Now you can stop this vicious cycle and improve your operation in one step!

Titanium Marine Heat ExchangersTitanium Marine Heat Exchangers

Made from 100 percent titanium, a new line of heat exchangers from Ti-Marine delivers better fish quality and longer machinery life to fishing boats large and small. This high-tech material virtually eliminates concerns related to seawater corrosion, tube erosion and marine fouling.

The US Navy now specifies titanium as the material of choice for heat exchangers and raw-water piping systems (non-combat LPD-17 class ships). Ti-Marine heat exchangers are replacing “old school” galvanized steel, cupro-nickel and brass shell and tube heat exchangers used in refrigeration and engine room service. Ti Marine units have all titanium tubes, tube sheets and shells and will outlast the vessel itself.


Ti Marine Condensers and Chillers bring high efficiency to your refrigeration system. Flooded, DX and Spray Chillers for any capacity from 10RT to 400RT using NH3, Freon or CO2.


  • Freeze the catch in hours
  • Deliver better fish to the dock
  • Eliminate sea water leaks at gaskets
  • No expensive P&F gaskets to replace
  • 100% Titanium construction

Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers

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Engine Rooms

Ti Marine Heat Exchangers are now available for Diesel Main Engines, Auxilliaries, Propulsion Gear Boxes and Hydraulic Power Units, up to 5000HP.


  • Smaller, lighter, with longer service life
  • Reduce engine jacket water temperatures
  • Cooler running for gear boxes and HPU’s
  • Eliminate zinc anode maintenance
  • All tubes 100% seal welded