Making Marine Corrosion

a Thing of the Past

Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers for Vessel Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling

Titanium Marine Technologies, LLC

Marking Marine Corrosion

a Thing of the Past

Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers for Vessel Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling


Titanium Marine Condensers & Shipboard Machinery Cooling

For over 30 years, we’ve been using Titanium in our marine heat exchangers. It’s the ONLY material we use where sea water comes into direct contact with the ship’s air conditioning system.

High efficiency and long service life are a direct result of the toughness that Titanium brings to A/C service. With high speed water velocities in the tubes, the exchangers are kept free of marine growth and silt deposits, both of which reduce heat transfer.

The US Navy now specifies Titanium as the material of choice for machinery heat exchangers. This significantly reduces the annual replacement costs and helps maintain combat readiness. Your Engines, Gear Boxes, Hydraulic Power Units and Comfort Cooling systems can be equally protected, providing service years longer than Brass or Copper units. Importantly, the operating costs for the ship are lowered and vessel ‘downtime’ is reduced.


Reliable air conditioning is central to any comfortable super yacht. The air temperature inside your boat depends 100% on the reliability of the A/C condenser; yet almost every condenser is made from fragile Copper-Nickel. If your Copper-Nickel condensers haven’t failed yet, they will; they all do.

Titanium is completely impervious to salt water corrosion and will provide years of service on your vessel. NO zinc anodes are needed, maintenance is minimal and the toughness of Titanium will outlast your yacht! It’s the perfect material wherever sea water comes into contact with your yacht!

  • Freeze the catch in hours
  • Deliver better fish to the dock
  • Eliminate seawater leaks at gaskets
  • No expensive P&F gaskets to replace
  • 100% Titanium construction
Titanium Marine Technologies, LLC


Your diesel main engines and generators need efficient cooling for long service life. Rejecting engine heat to the ocean requires thousands of gallons per hour of sea water flowing through the jacket water and turbo intercoolers. Traditional Copper-Nickel engine coolers will fail over time and can pump raw sea water INTO the engines and auxiliaries.

This type of failure can cost tens of thousands of dollars and months out of service. With Titanium Jacket Water and Turbo Intercoolers, you will have the most robust heat exchangers available. Your engines will run cooler and your valuable assets will be protected.

  • Smaller, lighter, with longer service life
  • Reduce engine jacket water temperatures
  • Cooler running for gearboxes and HPU’s
  • Eliminate zinc anode maintenance
  • All tubes 100% seal welded

Why Titanium is the Solutions

Sea Water contains Chlorine (Cl), one of the most corrosive elements on earth. Chlorine attacks steel, copper and aluminum and these materials don’t do well in Condenser / Heat Exchanger service.

Titanium is the solution to this problem because it is completely unaffected by the Chlorine in Sea Water. Titanium is extremely tough and is unaffected by high tube velocities in our condensers and heat exchangers. Turbulence is beneficial in the tubes and provides a “Self Scouring” mechanism so marine growth is minimized, and heat transfer rates are maximized.

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