About Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers

Titanium construction is the cornerstone of our value proposition. It represents our total commitment to using only the best material available for seawater service. Using 100 percent titanium solves a myriad of problems and insures high operational readiness.

Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers started out in 1990’s as “ICE Products, Inc.”, from Long Beach, California. We pioneered the use of Titanium in marine refrigeration, selling our line of condensers and brine chillers to the large tuna seiners in the Western Pacific. From there we began servicing the South American mackerel and sardine fleets, the US Menhaden boats and eventually the Asian long liners from Japan and Korea.

Our first packages were for Ammonia systems where we eliminated the heavy, galvanized steel condensers. Later, we began providing equipment to boats with Freon refrigerant. Next we developed high capacity flooded chillers for quick freezing of warm water species. Smaller coastal boats catching albacore, skipjack and salmon have become a growing market along with Aquaculture farms and shoreside processing plants.

As boat owners tried and liked the performance of titanium they began asking if Ti-Marine could solve the problems they were having with Diesel engine jacket water coolers. The Copper tubed original exchangers were lasting only 4 to 6 years, needed zinc anodes and required too much maintenance. Owners never knew when they would lose the use of an engine or hydraulic power package due to a failed cooling system.

We accepted the challenge, designed a line of ‘drop in’ replacements made of titanium and are now quite busy with fishing fleets, workboats, tugs, ferries and cruise ships. Titanium was again the perfect solution as it never corrodes or erodes in salt water and electrolysis is also eliminated.

Engine coolers now represent almost fifty percent of our production and the units are on boats and ships beyond fishing vessels.