Engine and Equipment Cooling

Ti-Marine produces a line of “drop in” replacements for OEM exchangers, ranging from 200 h.p. auxiliaries up through 4,500 h.p. for the large EMD, Cat, Deere, Cummins, Wartsila, and Yanmar engines, as well as other well known brands.

EMD 4,500 h.p.
Jacket Water Cooler

100% Titanium Tubes, Tube
Sheets & Water Boxes

Caterpillar 1,700 h.p.
Jacket Water Cooler

Protecting the ship’s Diesel engines, Marine Gearboxes and Hydraulic Power Units is a great application for Ti-Marine Jacket Water coolers. Each of these systems has to move waste heat from the equipment to the ocean, usually through a fresh water (Jacket water) circuit, across a heat exchanger and overboard to the environment.

The heat exchangers supplied by the OEM are typically copper or brass in construction as a means to save money at construction. Cheaper is not better and the units have a limited service life.

Corrosion and electrolysis set in and the units ultimately have to be replaced in just a few years.

At Ti- Marine we have engineered a complete line of Titanium exchangers that are “Drop In” replacements to the original copper and brass units. Titanium units are always smaller and lighter than the original equipment, making them easy to retrofit. Ship’s crew, local marine contractors and shipyards can make the change and have the equipment back in operation in a few hours.

The main and auxiliary diesel engine jacket water coolers can be located next to the engine or in out-of-the-way spaces, like under the engines, in the bilges or on a bulkhead. When ‘repowering’ a ship, the Ti-Marine exchanger provides added flexibility for the naval architects and shipyard designers, as they seek to add equipment while optimizing layout.

Seal Welding the Tubesheets

Small Hydraulic Oil Cooler

High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

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