The challenge with this project was designing and sizing the replacement Titanium condensers to fit into the available space while delivering the required performance. Room was very limited and modifying the piping had to be kept to a minimum. Additionally, the delivery window was short along with a tight installation schedule.

Titanium Marine delivered the three condensers on time and they were put into service without a hitch. These units will not corrode and will not require any Zinc anodes. Titanium is unaffected by sea water, sand laden water or sodium chloride.

Twin 4,500 h.p. Engine Coolers
Twin 4,500 h.p. Engine Coolers

The F/V Koorali, a 1,000-ton tuna seiner routinely fishes in the Western Pacific ocean. After repeated failures of the original Engine Cooling units, the vessel owner decided to systematically replace all nine of the ship’s original Cu-Ni heat exchangers. This included coolers for the main engine, hydraulic power units and large diesel electric generators.

Each replacement heat exchanger had to provide equal performance without exceeding the available space. Matching the piping arrangements and sea water flows also impacted the designs. In every case the units fitted up precisely and were significantly lighter. This move to an “All Titanium Cooling System” represents a trend where reliability is increased, maintenance is decreased and profits grow.

2,200 h.p. Gear Box Oil Coolers


Copper-Nickel failure, “When, not if”

Traditional marine condensers use soft, inexpensive Copper-Nickel tubes with carbon steel tubesheets. The tubesheets are often ‘coated’ with a plastic material which has a limited service life. This combination is a hotbed for electrolysis, corrosion and erosion. Failure is just a matter of when, not if.

Typical Cu-Ni service life is between 2 and 4 years, which is great for the factory; they are always selling YOU a new condenser. With Titanium tubes / tubesheets; you’ll never buy another replacement heat exchanger. Titanium is the perfect material for sea water immersive service. It won’t corrode or erode and fouling is reduced due to the high sea water turbulence in the tubes.

Sometimes the solution is just that simple!


Generator Expansion Tank & Block Cooler

The M/Y Ocean Club has recently installed the first of two Generator Expansion Tank & Block Coolers. After repeated failures with the manufacturer’s “off the shelf” units, the vessel management decided that ship’s power was too important to risk another failure while at sea, with clients onboard. 

It was decided that a “Bullet Proof” solution was needed so that the vessel would have reliable power with no concerns about cooler failure.


Titanium Marine Technologies designed and built this unit to “Drop In” as a replacement to the OEM supplied Cu-Ni cooler. The tank/cooler combination is made from 100% Titanium, utilizing larger tube diameters for a long and trouble free service life. 

Erosion of the tubes due to sandy water will no longer be a problem. Zinc anodes aren’t needed either, as Titanium doesn’t experience electrolysis.

Our first packages were for large Ammonia refrigeration systems on large Tuna seiners

We displaced all the galvanized steel tubed units and changed the way that fishing fleets outfit their boats; only with titanium nowadays. From there we began making chillers (evaporators) and the same thing happened; everyone converted to Titanium. Our business grew to include North America, South America, the Western Pacific and Middle Eastern fishing grounds.

As commercial fishing fleets became accustomed to Titanium’s superior service life and performance, they began asking for Air Conditioning condensers and evaporators. The existing units used Freon and were smaller, less robust and very short lived. 


These Copper-Nickel units were failing every two to four years; always with the boats in the middle of the ocean, far from shore! Titanium Marine units demonstrated that they needed no zinc anodes, very little maintenance and could be driven harder in warm waters. A complete success.

Main Engine and Turbo Intercoolers were next; once again, replacing the Copper-Nickel units supplied by the manufacturers. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU’s) and Gear Box coolers were added to the portfolio and Generator Expansion tanks are now available too. If salt water is being used for cooling, Titanium is the ONLY solution!