Successful Projects

F/V Koorali: Generators, Skiff, Bow Thruster & Hydraulics

The Koorali, a 1,000-ton tuna seiner from the Marshall Islands has systematically replaced all nine of its original heat exchangers as they each failed. The vessel has titanium heat exchangers in the ammonia refrigeration system, the engine jacket water coolers, the skiff boat, the bow thruster and the hydraulic power unit.

This move to “All Titanium” is a trend where vessel owners are replacing all copper, brass and cupro-nickel exchangers with titanium units. Maintenance is eliminated and marine tube fouling is much reduced.

Matsui Trading: High Capacity DX Fish Chiller

This 125 Rton DX Chiller was purchased by Matsui Trading Company, for installation on a tuna seiner destined for the Korean bluewater fleet. The ship needed more brine chilling capacity to match the upgraded compressor package. The challenge was to provide a high capacity chiller that was small and light and could be easily tied into the existing brine system.

The is a “dry expansion” type, which means it won’t freeze up and can deliver a huge temperature drop to the seawater or brine, on the order of 10 to 12 degrees at the beginning of the pull down. Water is on the shell side and the refrigerant is piped through the tubes. It was an ideal solution because it is compact, thermally efficient and easy to pipe up.

F/V Carolyn Anne: 1,000 h.p. Generator Set

After repeated failures of the original jacket water coolers, this vessel owner decided to upgrade to Titanium jacket water coolers from Ti-Marine. The Ti-Marine cooler ‘dropped in’ and no modifications to the engine space were required. Compression fittings were re-used on the fresh water side and Straub Couplings (ABS approved) connected the unit to the sea water cooling lines.

No welding, burning or machining was needed. The replacement took less than 8 hours. Zinc anode maintenance and tube cleaning are no longer needed and leaks from the shell are a thing of the past.